Seattle Amtrak King Street Station Car Rentals

Hertz close to Seattle King St. Station will reimburse you for cab fare with a receipt.  Fox Rental Car in Seattle  may also pick you up if they are not busy but given their low rates, it may be worth the cab ride to their airport location.

Seattle Amtrak King Street Station rental car hire

When booking a rental car check that the price you are quoted is the all inclusive price and that extras are not added when you arrive at the rental counter. The rental car companies give you the option to also take out insurance when you book.  Check with your insurance agent to see what coverages you will need to purchase when you rent the car.

For most rental car companies you need to be a minimum of 21 years old although some companies have a 18 minimum age.  Usually, if you are less than 25 years old you will be asked to take out higher insurance at an extra cost. Remember to bring some ID and your driving licence, otherwise you will not be allowed to pick the car up.

There are many cars that you can rent: Compact (for up to 3 people), Medium, (3 -4 Adults), intermediate (4 adults), SUV (5 – 7 people), minivan (8 +) and convertible (2 people). As a general guide, for a family of four the best bet is the intermediate or maybe even the SUV which is spacious inside.

Other extras you can usually order are satellite navigation systems, satellite radio and child seats.  Sat Nav is a great way of getting round if you have never been to Seattle before.  Although parts of Seattle are on a  grid system that can be easy to navigate, many of the area's streets follow natural formations such as Puget Sound, Lake Washington, or mountains.

You can get a free online rental car quote for your Seattle King Street Station Rental Car here.


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